Microsoft News That Matters: November Edition

In this edition of News That Matters I’ve got information on Microsoft’s wind farm investment, Microsoft’s new Cybercrime Center, and the release of Xbox One.

The Microsoft has invested in the Keechi Wind Farm on the 4th. 55 brand new windmills are coming to the Texas power grid by the end of 2015. This is just one of many of Microsoft’s many carbon offset projects that they are planning so that they can call themselves a green company. By the end of 2013 Microsoft plans to be carbon neutral and obviously homes that this act will produce goodwill for the company as going green is popular with people at the moment.


Microsoft has announced a new Cybercrime Center on the 14nd. With Cybercrime costing the global economy 500 billion dollars a year Microsoft has decided to open a Cybercrime Center in Redmond, Washington. This has come on the heels of the discovery of 5 million computers that were turned into a botnet and stole half a billion dollars over 18 months.

Xbox One Launch_First Consoles

Microsoft’s new Xbox One has finally been released on the 22nd. Microsoft Tweets and Blogs have been ablaze recently with their release of Xbox One and with good reason. More than one million people have purchased the Xbox One just within the first twenty four hours, selling out in many stores causing Microsoft to announce that they are working to supply this “unprecedented demand”. With 10 exclusive launch titles it is no wonder that Microsoft has sold out of their new console, which is more than Sony can say with its dismal selection of release titles.

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Microsoft News That Matters: October Edition

In this edition of News That Matters I’ve got information on Microsoft’s newly released update Windows 8.1, Microsoft’s New Nokia Phones and Tablets, the release of Visual Studio 2013, and the release of Microsoft’s Development Toolkit 2013.

Microsoft has announced the release of Windows 8.1 So Get It Now! Yes the start icon is back and no it is not like it was, all the start icon does is bring you back to the tile page as such Microsoft completely lost sight of the point of the start menu as a quick way to access your applications without crowding your desktop. That aside the 8.1 update is well worth getting just for the fact that you have more choices on tile size, a better app store, and increased multitasking capability.


The recently acquired Nokia has announced 2 new super-sized Windows Phones and the first Nokia tablet. During Nokia’s world event in Abu Dhabi Nokia revealed Lumia 1520 and 1320 both of which boast 6 inch HD screens and are obviously an attempt to rival the Galaxy S4. What is even more interesting is that Nokia has announced a new tablet the Lumia 2520 though with the Windows Surface 2 and the Surface 2 Pro just released this brings some questions to mind.


The Developer Division at Microsoft has announced the Release of Visual Studio 2013. The Visual Studio development application is in my experience one of the best tools for application development ever made and Microsoft has just released their 2013 version. Visual Studio 2013 enables development of applications across multiple Microsoft platforms from SQL Server to Windows 8.1 as part of Microsoft’s vision of a cloud OS.


Microsoft has announced the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013 now available. The Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013 provides a unified collection of tools, processes and guidance for automation desktop and server deployments. For those that use this it will reduce deployment times and standardize desktop and server images while giving users improved security and ongoing configuration management.

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Microsoft News That Matters: September Edition

In this edition of News That Matters I’ve got information on Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia, Bing’s new logo and design, Microsoft’s dividend increase, and the new Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro.

Microsoft has announced the acquisition of the phone maker Nokia on the 2nd. The purchase of the phone maker will in Microsoft’s opinion accelerate the windows ecosystem and the momentum of Nokia devices and services. In reality this purchase seems like the only way that Microsoft can compete with the two giants of the phone operating system industry dominated by android and apple.

The Microsoft Search Engine Bing announces the debut of a new logo and an updated design on the 16th. The new logo looks like a heavily stylized b and next to that is bing in Microsoft’s classic font all of which is in yellow in keeping with one of the four colors Microsoft uses in its windows icon. As for the new design for their search engine it looks very nice and reminds me of the Windows 8 esthetic.


Microsoft has announced a  increase in their quarterly dividends and a share repurchase program on the 17th. The increase in dividends will have a 5 cent increase per share, a increase of 22 percent from last quarters dividends. There will also be a buy back program authorized to purchase back $40 billion in shares.

Microsoft’s Surface team announced on the 23rd the introduction of 2 new tablets the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. The Surface 2 will be available with 32GB or 64GB and the Surface Pro 2 will have 64GB or 128GB and 4GB of RAM or 256GB or 512GB and 8GB of RAM. In addition a variety of accessories will be available including typing covers, docking stations and power covers, all of which will be available in 22 initial markets.


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